It’s been a week since we finished shooting for The A.R.K. Report, the short film we’re producing with Moskoff Media.  We’re only now recovering – it took a bit longer with Hurricane Sandy in between and no electricity – but we’re back and breathing.

The one thing I want to tell you about today is what Katy Castaldi, our lead female actress, told me was the first thing she learned in film school: Something Always Goes Wrong.

Thankfully we had very few mishaps, but here are just two of the highlights:

1. The second day on set, a pair of boots that Ayden Crispe – our child actress – needed for her costume, was put into the wrong freight car and sent down a dark alley of the mines (we were filming in the No. 9 Mine in Lansford, PA).  Believe it or not, this held…

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