DDO: Free to Play In House P

Good Morning friends, clients, enemies and face planters!
Making a straightforward list of Free To Play Quests in different areas. Starting with House P.

1)Level 4-Rest for the Restless-pick up at the Bogwater.
2)Level 6-Purge The Heretics-at the bogwater.
3)Level 6-Caged Trolls-at the bogwater.
4)Level 7-Gwylan’s Stand-Pick it up from NPC who is also point of departure, more specific info later.
5)Level 8-Faithful Departed-at the Golden Wing Inn.
6)Level 11-The Spawn of Whisperdoom-house p more deets later.

These 6 quests are all free to play found in house p and played in house p.

By the way, I jacked this info from ddowiki.com


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