REview:Fallen London-A Story Game.


New to Me but more than two years old.

Fallen London is like a Choice Your Own Adventure with stats(or qualities as they are called in game). Set in a Steam Punk London that has descended INTO the earth(you can actually row a boat along a river to Hell), the starter land marks are all based on real places in London.I think.

Game play is simple; read the narrative snippets available and choose a course of action. I didn’t think I would be into it at first but the setting is well done and your tasks are interesting. I never thought “grind” in the sense of doing mssions over and over again would be something I would be doing in a text game, but, grinding I am. Luckily, the system is based on a preset number of action that respawn at timed intervals or else maybe I would have become burnt out already. As it is, it is a game played in paragraphs. I mean that I can walk away and come back to it at any time because all the stories are told in just the right sized snippets.

The story is the game so I won’t say anything other than,

“If you like steam punk or choose your owns or even are just looking for something different. Give Fallen London a chance. You won’t regret it”.




(fan art taken without permission from the fallen london forums.will swiftly remove if asked).

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