A brief letter to laser man!


A Letter to Laserman,

Laserman, you may not rememberer I know you have been busy. You saved my wallet and possibly my life. It was two eels ago today. I don’t know why you were in Monmouth Junction New Jersey at 4:am but I thank you for being there. It was during early morning cycle ride, new jersey is still not as cycling friendly as say New York City or Oregon Or Colorado, so I often ride in darkest night and other off times for my own safety. Well, I was heading down a stretch of forested rode, very beautiful in the daylight but scary as crap at the hour of my intended demise. As if the fae were playing a joke on me! My bike stopped moving. Sudden. Solid. Still.
I soared over the handle bars.
Standing over me, as if from the pages of some terrible pulp, an honest to creator Highwayman!
“turn your pockets out,” he said and struck me.
I was stunned.
It seemed too stunned for my assailant’s liking and he raised his arm over head holding what appeared to be a heavy walking stick.
I am not ashamed to say that From my lips I begged to be saved.

Suddenly a red light appeared in the evil doers eye and he
Blinked as tears and then a small amount of blood appeared in his eye.
The red light was actually a beam that originated In the woods.
It moved and seemed to grow in mass and suddenly a bright figure appearing almost human

Was standing between me and the villain.

“get lost, man!”

He said to the bad guy,

“or I will in you”!

The villain scurried off into the woods.
The bright being of light reminded me of stories of man before being tossed from the garden.

I was stunned as he zipped away like a set of taillights passing I the dark.
Yesterday I read of you in the paper and now I know who to thank.
That you Laserman


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