DCU: Is Fun.



So today I endevoured to rp. Shadowrun. But, with only three people, the dm included, we ended up doing more talking(in fact no rp’ing)than rp’ing.

No liqour needed.It was fun. Whiiiiiiiiiich, of course inspired me to fire up Sony Online Entertainments “DCU online”. It may just be me, but, I find the default controls to be a little off. The cut scenes and in game stories are enjoyable, but, I am not so sure I understand what is going on. At this point I am supposed to be rescuing the Teen Titans from Raven who has been possessed by who ever the heck the baddie is supposed to be. Tricorn hat or some one as such. I guess I just don’t know the DC universe as well as I had thought. Of the several mmo rpgs I currently cycle through, this one ahcieves the status of “MOST LAG”.

Wonder Woman is dope.

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