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Lammy, Ziva, & Tweeters and Shlomo


Lammy, Ziva, and Tweeters(the occasional appearance of Shlomo).


Sunday March 29, 2009
Yom Ree Shon 4th Nissan 5769

The sun was hiding behind a thicket of clouds leaving the day in a blanket of gray.
Lamby edged forward to the cliff and peaked over. Three thousand feet beneath him, the little hut he had made himself from dead-fall and mud lay at the foot of the mountain. Another two thousand feet crawled above him and he smiled knowing that once he reached the peak he would open his rucksack and eat his banana and jelly sandwich. He turned back toward the mountain and continued his clib. He did this each morning, and when he got back to ground he would call his pal Tweeters to see what their assignment would be for the week. Lamby and Tweeters were young researchers for hire. Scholarly, commercial and scientific inquiries, whatever you wanted to know they could find it out for you. Reasonably priced when you added in the fact that often their customers reiieved first hand accounts, descriptions, and experiences from the team. Lamby loved books, writing, and doing things, life. It wasn’t easy to establish themselves seeing that neither had an academic background. So at first they published on the internet, did pieces for wiki and other sites that paid nothing. They took on P.I. type cases to keep them afloat. Lamby loved mountains hills rivers and being in it. He loved the smell of old books found in old homes and feeling his feet move beneath him. His partner Tweeters was a pilot who had paid for his flight school by busing tables and bike messengering. When work did not require it they got together every week or two preferring e-mail or IMs to direct contact. This allowed for their partnership to work despite their different personalities. Lamby being an early riser, Tweeters a night owl.
It was when Lamby had reached the top and was munching his B and J sandwich that he saw it. At first it was nothing mnore than a speck below him. But it was moving fast. Ridiculously fast. As it drew closer to his little house he began to hear a whizzing noise and suddenly there was a concussive blast hurling him off his feet as his home exploded. his little hut was nothing more than as ball of fire. Stunned Lamby said a prayer asking Hashem for strength and to help him keep his head.Pulling out his binoculars to get a closer view, he saw that not only was his home engulfed in flame the entire area around the former home was as well. What ever that was it was more than an ordinary missile it was meant to burn away all trace of it’s target and it self.



Lammy ordered mountaineering equipment today.4:21 PM Jul 19th from TweetDeck

Ziva wants to know if living insects can be mapped with lasers without harm?12:50 PM Jul 20th from TweetDeck

Ziva attacked my toe. Lammy is still waiting for mt. Gear.9:31 AM Jul 21st from TweetDeck

Lammy has decided to construct a hot air balloon while waiting for his mt. gear to arrive.2:09 PM Jul 21st from TweetDeck

Ziva has hidden under the bed. Perhaps we will pull her out when Lammy’s mt. gear arrives.11:18 PM Jul 23rd from TweetDeck

Cooked egg yolk in my coffee.1:02 PM Jul 23rd from TweetDeck

Reading Jasper Fforde’s The Eyre Affair to Lammy and Ziva. While Mama sings the sound track to Mama Mia!10:44 PM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck


Perhaps the return of Holmes. Ziva leads a charmed life.10:15 PM Jul 29th from web

@PriRevSATWotD The magician claimed to posses a book full of arcane knowlege and ancient secrets.4:52 PM Jul 26th from TweetDeck in reply to SATDailyTword

Lammy climbed every wall in the house. Hung from every bookcase.4:44 PM Jul 26th from TweetDeck

RT @soolebop: Austin Stevens is really carrying the torch of the crocodile hunter. This snakemaster ish is crazy. The science channel.11:47 PM Jul 25th from TweetDeck


Ziva has hijacked the hot air balloon.12:47 PM Aug 1st from web

Brent Spiner AKA Data is hysterical! Entertaining! Worth the waste of time!11:16 PM Jul 30th from TweetDeck

Brent Spiner is HILARIOUS! Follow him on Twitter!11:13 PM Jul 30th from TweetDeck

Lammy was last seen pitching his tent on the southern slope of the waxwood lawn.6:46 PM Jul 30th from TweetDeck

1300 396 million6:40 PM Jul 30th from TweetDeck

In 1900 1.6 billion.6:38 PM Jul 30th from TweetDeck

From wikipedia World population for 2009: 6.774 billion


I think she intends to land on top of Kilimanjaro, to perhaps collect some soil specimens. Then head down on foot to meet Lammy.12:52 PM Aug 1st from web

Kilimanjaro. They plan on taking the balloon toward Madagascar. Inspired by Douglas Adams “Last Chance To See” it seems.12:58 PM Aug 1st from web

After climbing to the peak of12:53 PM Aug 1st from web

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