Man, who uses this? I’m sure plenty of people do. I am returning to DDO after sometime playing LOTRO(which is also a great game) and WOW. Here’s the deal; I love DDO. What a sweet ride, so to speak. I started playing DDO during it’s fourth year. Even found the invite to b-day party “pirate themed” in pack(that’s last years b-day party). I played with a group of guys from real life and one by one they dropped out. Hopefully not never to return again. What bugs me about DDO:(and I’ve been reminded since my return) 1)running to a quest just to find out I don’t own the content. 2)yeah it really is sort of aimless out there. sometimes I lose track of what I have been doing and it irritates the rap out of me(this means I start ryming)! A Duh huh Duh huh duh huh huh ehem 3)Need more short quests for all levels. I’m pretty sure that some of my friends lost interest because as we got into the mid levels the quests had a tendency to be long as heck. Just asking for shorties too. Sometimes you just wanna jump in with the gang and kill some stuff without a half day commitment. I guess that’s it. Going to get my subscription going again soon because all this unavailable content is killing. Last, DDO cast, (first) Jerry and then Anne and Sig, they kept me interested even when I wasn’t playing at all. Thanks guys!! and I hope the podcast goes on and on!!


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