Serecfold Goes Forth

Serecfold panned the faces of the gathered monks. He had become close to each of them in the three years he had resided and worked at Scion Temple as it’s sole security officer and by extension the sheriff of the surrounding country side. Chthulin, the grounds keeper, Alphbert, the cantor, and Zo’Ar the scribe and Mal Eeck and Mour Eech the scribe’s apprentices, all looked at him.
It was Alphbert who spoke,

“Serec you will need to learn more of the world, people, and their ways. Recent events have proven that you will never be a great detective without expanding your knowledge base. Books and Folks”.

Serec put his hand over his heart box. The cymbals within it were given to him by the brothers and were used to augment the warforged’s emotions. A machine devoid of emotion could never truly understand and therefore predict human behavior at all, at all.
Or could it? But the brothers had given Serec the cymbols because they believed that he could become more like them even as it seemed they strove to be more like him.
The warforged the emotionless construct little more than a golem.
Aspired to be human
And these particular humans sought to distance themselves from their emotions. The water wheel of suffering.

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