Blah blah blah

if cats wanted to read.they would.

Tree stand or osmosis?

Well. What’s new here? The family car is an on again off again affair. It really makes me miss when you (read as when I used to)could work on your own car. I miss having a driveway!
if you watch television and your not watching American Horror Story, well, you should.
unless of course you have a moral, religious, or philosophical objection to violence and even i could pass on the sex aspects.
Debating hermit-hood.
Did not go to temple today.
Having lots of questions.
feeling stuck.
need to move.
need immersion into another culture.
ask your self who are the people in you’re neighborhood who despise “the american way of life” and why? is there any validity to their perspectives? i was just about ready to close my bank account this week. but it will have to wait until i find an alternative place for my money. with the way information can be exchanged these days banks need to update their policies. how about scaled overdraft fees? can you guess that I just paid $35 for a $2.75 overdraft? it’s one of those things that you think is fine until you slip up. because only stupid people make that kind of mistake. but, do we really have a choice? same thing with auto insurance, medical insurance, etc., ….
I won’t deny the need for some sort of isurance for auto owners. imagine you were stung in the eye by a bee and thus crashed into a traffic light. the city WILL sue you for it’s cost. if we had no insurance multiply the one occurrance by every other idiot in america that drives. we live in a country where even the poor can have experiences once owned by the wealthy. I ramble and don’t feel like editing. but think about what choices we actually have…….
and be happy healthy and careful!!!

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