Tech Review:The $40 Buck Lappy Killed My Dreams: Plus Some Other Stuff

So I bought a used lappy from a coworker for the aforementioned $40, intending to use it as a word processor. So far, there has been no work done on this machina satana. But here is a list of things I am working on:

1-Laser Man Wins The Science Faire.

2-I am writing a Lambert and Ziva Drake Mystery that takes place here in Princeton.

3-The New 52: Comic Review: Justice League 1 and 2 and Legion of Super-Heroes 1 and 2.

4-Review: Podcast: The Legion Of Substitute Podcasters.

5-Review: 5 Very Good Reasons To Punch A Dolphin In The Mouth.

6-(last one)Review:Television:Once Apon A Time/Grim.

Admitedly, items 1 and 2 require the most work and I need to touch base with Rajive who had an opening this weekend, oh crust, It’s always more!!!!

7-A photo essay expose of Ziva who is coming into her own as an author.


More to come . . . .

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