Quitting Smoking With Laser Man

Put on my first 7 milligram patch on Saturday. Feeling wackiest so far. Am working on two writing projects. One a short mystery starring Lammy and Ziva. The other I play a minor role to artist friend Rajive Anand. I’ll be doing some dialogue and whatever else he neeeds to keep his Laser Man comic alive! Copywrited by Raj when we were in Glenfield Middleschool, the fine artist has finally decided to go back to his pre RISD and pre Fullbright scholarship roots. The story is about a late teenage boy named William Khan who discovers some interesting abilities after his family is killed on a fire. He had picked up the phone to dial 911 and found himself transported to the street below as his brother, mother, and father burn to death inside the house. It’s an ambitious first showing on comicdom combining Raj’s fine art resume, a story originally developed with his own beloved father and his respect an love of the comic medium! I’ m truly excited to be onboard! Previews to come! Laser Man!


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