Senseless Post number!!!!!! or Reading Round UP

385 wr warforged



Dear Mom,

I hope your operation was a success and that you enjoy your new prosthetic wings. We had a hurricaine here(sort of) the result of which was the loss of hot water for several days, 1 and a half days of missed work and the addition of long bus rides to my week. Normalacy has returned(relative of course). Ziva has decided to compete with the local bike tours by offering balloon tours. She keeps long hours and I seldom see her these days. entrepenueral spirit, huh.

as previosly mentioned I have been reading Naked Heat.

Now please remain calm mother. This is a mystery novel. Not all a trashy book about the human body and temperature. (remind me to self edit or find an editor).

The jacket and inside cover claim the author as Richard Castle the lead character of abc’s tongue in cheek cop show Castle. the television show is about an author who rides along and assists the police with murder investigations. the book is a promo book really, but enjoyable. it is supposed to be one of the books written by Castle about Kate Becket(cop on show).


I’ve also picked up my second Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files novel- Death Mask. Here too, my intro to the series had been television. This series is about a wizard for hire in the vein of Sam Spade.

How many television related series can you think of?

Ach! I tire, Lammy is roping off the alley in an attempt to throw his own block party. Neighbors not amused. especially irritated are they by his cardboard cut outs(life sized) of his Dungeons and Dragons campaign party. Of six characters 3 are 6 foot tall Warforged who wear cloaks.





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