Argh! Doctor Who is still riddled with . . . . . .it!

o last night episode 3 of the newest Doctor Who aired on SyFy.
With major staff changes on all levels, I had hoped to be watching a more mature, less candy series this year.
But, this is not to be. All the candy and brand name “flags” are still there. The annoyingly freak tempo sound track they use to replace actual development of suspense, the “I’m the Doctor” monologues, that make me feel sick. The blatant Nationalism marketed toward 10 year olds and the semi retarded, the . . .
That’s it. That’s all this show is at its essence.
Me am Doctor!
The Universe Revolves around me!
We’ve taken a story telling tradition of 3 full acts that take hours to deliver and crushed them into 40 minutes.
Yeah, I’ll keep watching.
But, f%ck you Davies and now you too Moffat!

Some one please do a fan dub!
Suck that awful music away!
Suck away the doctor’s rants!

ps, I’ll be back with a calmer review. I am a fan after all.

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