A Run Around Worth While

Dear Readers(and Mom, but, not Felix and Timothy),

It has been an intellectually challenging and busy couple of weeks. A review of Laurie R. King‘s book about Marry Russel (Sherlock Holmes‘ wife and an adventurer and scholar in her own right) The Language of Bees is stuck in the works. The problem being, I am trapped by my own interest in and love of Holmes and his world. I cannot seem to avoid adding ‘and’ to just about every sentence I write. Is there a support group for this? And Anonymous. I think the obvious acronym is taken! Suggestions? 

Is anyone interested in a Book Read Round the World project?
The plan begins as this: I read a book and write a review of it and a brief reader’s bio, I sign the book, add my location and the date, then mail it onto someone else. The next reader repeats the process. Should there be interest the plan would be developed amongst myself and interested parties! Ultimately I hope to have the book returned to me after circling the globe. I will drink tea, read the letters and bios included. While munching cookies and cheese I will scan for posting all collected materials. Finally, I will consider the prospects for publication and proceed from there!

Thank you for your time,

Michael R. Serecka

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