Review:Frequency Of Fear Lite: Jurassic Despicable.

Dear Imaginary Readers(and Mom),

Today it pleases me to envision you all as one-thousand light-bulb headed beings packed into an auditorium just large enough to contain you. I am on the stage preparing to read the first of my audio play reviews. The over head lights fade to black and I can only hope that you enjoy this bit in a way that will cause your strange little heads to light our way out of this theater when this is over.

The Zombie Astronaut’s Frequency of Fear is an appreciation and presentation of Old Time Radio(OTR) shows. Found on-line at the program began as a hobbyist’s outlet for his collection of classic radio mp3s. Evolving from individual episodes available to be streamed or downloaded,  into something in the style of late night horror shows such as USA’s “Up All Night”  or perhaps closer to the style of “Mystery Science Theater 3000”, the Zombie Astronaut was born. W. Ralph Walters both writes and stars as the voice of the Zombie Astronaut, a brain-eater who has misadventures around a thematic set of radio programs.  Posted on March 4th, 2007,  first episode featured work starring Bela Lugosi.

“Jurassic Despicable”

The Zombie Astronaut’s friend, Doctor Despicable, has perfected and mastered Time Travel! Determined to make a massive wad of cash by opening theme parks throughout history, he assembles a group of potential investors: Doctor Willhelm Von Martinez( a mayonnaise guzzling scientist driven by his search for a pill to change his accent), Basil Salt, “A Seasoned Explorer”), Dr. Bulletbra( just another mad-scientist?) and  Mojimbo Green, the host of the much acclaimed television show “Holy Crap!It’s Nature!”. Doctor D intends to set out for the Jurassic Period to woo the wallets. But, Zombie has his doubts about tagging along. It seems as though trouble always pops up when these two get together. Trouble, that is, for the Zombie Astronaut! After some soul searching the Zombie agrees to go, but, only after being tempted with the promise of being able to dine on a cave man’s brain! What follows is a well crafted comic adventure that is guaranteed to make the average “fanboy” or “fangirl” as the case may be, chuckle, giggle, and break into out right laughter! The writing is solid in it’s take on the sci/fi horror genres and Walters successfully pulls off his tongue in cheek approach that is true to his inspiration. The overnight hosted scary movie! Equally goofy and clever I have yet to be disappointed!

The only thing left to do is listen and wonder.

“Will the gang survive the tests that prehistoric Earth has to offer? Will it be dinosaurs, Cro-magnon man, or the sinister stalker Mister Master Mastrepol who(out for Doc’s Blood AND the Time Machine!) undoes our heroes resolve? Or will it be Doctor Despicable’s love of pie?

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