Review:Paranormal Activity

First Review Welcome Message.

Dear Imaginary Readers(and Mom),

As You sit several feet away from a piece of warm glowing glass wondering what this is, I am drinking a cup of tea and doing much the same. This is the first post in what I hope will prove to be a weekly series of reviews and rants about television, movies, audio plays, and comic books that I feel the need to present to you, the disembodied audience.

I hope you enjoy it.

Michael R. Serecka

And Now the Meat.
Paranormal Activity (written and directed by Oren Peli)runs for less than one hour and a half. And why shouldn’t it? The premise, like every other aspect of this film is simple: A woman who has been haunted, intermittently, her entire life by an extra worldly entity has moved in with her boy friend of three years.
Out come the night stalkers!
The skeptical boyfriend is apparently unperturbed as he proceeds to buy a video camera and some other ghost related data collection paraphernalia. It seems to me that day trading doesn’t suit his persona(goof ball) and he begins to build a reel for “Ghost Academy”.

What we get to see is an example of good story telling and old fashioned suspense. While I wasn’t clutching the sheets, the film had me hooked. At no time was I bored or did I wonder how much longer would this go on(under an hour and a half, remember?). The pay off comes after a slow methodical build of events that logically lead to a well deserved and much anticipated Scare.
Simply frightening. For people who prefer gore and garters flying every where or a hip hop rock opera sound track to drive the film, it may very well not be for you.
I liked it and would have preferred to have seen it in a theater!

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