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Biking is making me younger.

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DSC01056Throughout my teen years and into the beginning of my twenties, I lived a sedentary life. I also really love food (which is why I cook in a restaurant). It doesn’t take much to figure out that the combination of those two factors wasn’t good for my health. My energy levels plummeted and even completing a regular shift at work left me drained. I didn’t have the motivation to accomplish much outside of work, all I really felt like doing was sitting around and watching my favorite cooking shows.

But then I started biking to work. Not all the time, but once or twice a week. Although it was fun and it felt good to be out in the fresh air, those ten miles to or from work seemed endless. But as many of you have experienced in your own lives, biking can be rather addictive. Three years ago, I…

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The Process of Drying.

The leaves crumbled and disappeared.

They’ve regrown.

And I am still here.

Rusty hands and all.

staring at another four years in a federal I.d. photo.

right now? sleep ….

… seems the most likely occurrence for the evening.


Vacuum Clog



















I think the pictures speak for themselves.

However, I often need things spelled out for me, so in the spirit of sharing and advancing human relations I am adding some explanatory text.

The vacuum was clogged and I had planned on unscrewing the back hose bracket so I could better handle the hose.

The idea was to press the hose together so it would be both as short as possible and ridgid making easier to work with.

Not having the correct tool I couldn’t do that, so, old school America for the win!!!

Using a knife I cut the hose near where I thought the clog was heaviest.

A wire hanger was used to push/pull the clog into an unobstructed state and finally duct tape was used to seal the hose.

I then vacuumed the floor which was growing extremely unattractive and verfied a job well done!

Ideally, a new hose would be purchased, but we will see how it holds up.

Thanks for coming!

Now go call your mother! Mine too while someone is fulfilling the chore of chatting up the Moms.

Inaugural Train Ride

It may be weird of me to note this, but, I hope it inspires someone!
My new commuter ride on the train for the first time! Actually the second if I count the day the bike was bought. ;) l


Diamondback Almost Reborn?

First in a series of two about my bikes:














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Happy New Year! A wee bit late!







Originally posted on SHMUEL HOFFMAN'S BLOG:

It’s been a week since we finished shooting for The A.R.K. Report, the short film we’re producing with Moskoff Media.  We’re only now recovering – it took a bit longer with Hurricane Sandy in between and no electricity – but we’re back and breathing.

The one thing I want to tell you about today is what Katy Castaldi, our lead female actress, told me was the first thing she learned in film school: Something Always Goes Wrong.

Thankfully we had very few mishaps, but here are just two of the highlights:

1. The second day on set, a pair of boots that Ayden Crispe – our child actress – needed for her costume, was put into the wrong freight car and sent down a dark alley of the mines (we were filming in the No. 9 Mine in Lansford, PA).  Believe it or not, this held…

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